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In its 40-year history, Cereal Docks has acquired credibility and reputation thanks to consistency with rooted principles and values but has always been able to renew itself and evolve; like the will to continue enhancing its human resources, the link with land of origin, the commitment to invest in the continual improvement of processes and products, an open view of the future, innovation and internationalism.

The latest evolutions

From company to structured, integrated “system of companies”


Cereal Docks Group acquires Molino Favero, a company specialized in the origination, production and packaging of gluten free and free-from flours and ingredients for the food industry and large-scale trade, as the last milestone in the Group’s Strategy “from commodities to ingredients”.


Grey Silo Ventures is born, to identify and invest in new entrepreneurial entities primarily in the FoodTech world. The acquisition of Ital Green Oil, a company operating in the primary processing of oilseeds (soy) to produce animal nutrition flours, vegetable oils, and food-grade lectins, is announced


Cereal Docks Group becomes a purpose-driven company, turning into a Benefit Corporation. The new brand identity is presented as is the rebranding of two business units: Aethera Biotech (formerly Dembitoech) and Nateeo (formerly Cereal Docks Food).
Acquisition of the Cereal Docks Organic facility of Roverchiara (VR) is completed and the new logistic hub in via dell’Innovazione in Camisano Vicentino becomes operational.

New horizons

We are the ingredient that starts the change


In the pandemic year, the Group consolidates its leadership in the processing of oily seeds, cereal trading, and in the market of high added value ingredients.


Cereal Docks Spa purchases an industrial area in Summaga di Portogruaro, strengthening the role of Portogruaro as a strategic, Group logistics hub.
Mantegna Academy, the Group’s business school, launches the Carta Bianca (art in the company) project and the Campus project for students doing their Master’s thesis in the company.
Cereal Docks Organic starts managing the Roverchiara (Verona) facility, using it to produce oil and organic oil-cakes, textured vegetable protein and micronised flours for food.

From Company to Group

The Group role emerges in the community and market due to its characteristics


35th anniversary: the new headquarters of the Cereal Docks Group is inaugurated in via dell’Innovazione in Camisano Vicentino and Cereal Docks Group Lab becomes operational. Cereal Docks is an industrial partner, with Amadori and Finiper Group, of FoodForward, an acceleration program for innovative projects and start-ups in the food and retail sectors, coordinated by Deloitte.


Corporate governance is strengthened. Cereal Docks Organic is set up to develop the organic chain in the farm sector. The new Cereal Docks East Europe storage centre becomes operational in Romania. Mantegna Academy, the Cereal Docks Group business school is established. Production facilities come up to speed after important upgrading: the Marghera plant renewed in full and integrated with three logistic structures (water, rail, road); the Camisano plant made more efficient; the Romania plant equipped with a new logistic junction and the Fiorenzuola one with a strategic, product distribution warehouse function.


Strengthening growth by expanding the offer and new business opportunities


The Cereal Docks Food role is consolidated in the high added value ingredient market for applications in the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, zootechnical and industrial area. Setting up Demethra Biotech (now Aethera Biotech), a highly innovative, bio-technological company invested by Cereal Docks, operating in an intense research sector and producing active plant-based principles used mainly in life sciences and food.


Cereal Docks Food (now Nateeo) is founded and is active in the standardised plant-based lectins, oils, and functional blends sector.


New extraction plant in the Camisano Vicentino facility.


Acquisition of the Porto Marghera extraction plant from the American multinational Bunge.

The link and consolidation with the farming world

The roots in farming, the industrial vision: from stockers to processors


A plant-based oil refinery and a transesterification plant are set up in the Camisano facility. Cereal Docks International is created and develops the international trading of raw materials from farm origin and by-products.


The Portogruaro (Venice) facility storage and drying plant becomes operational


Cereal Docks becomes a stable member of the oily seeds processing sector and launches its first extraction plant.

The Nineties

Aurora becomes Cereal Docks. Relations and mutual trust with farmers is strengthened.


Mauro Fanin sets up Aurora, a small company that is operational in harvesting and drying corn. A short time later he is joined by his cousin, Paolo Fanin.