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Animal nutrition

Cereal Docks is the Italian market leader and one of the main European players in the soy transformation sector for animal feed applications and in the supply of corn for zootechnical use and for pet food.

Roasted soy seeds, soybean meals, organic protein panels, zootechnical oils, zootechnical lectins.

Based on an internal estimate, the sum of meal feeds, cereals, oils and other sub-products that Cereal Docks distributes along the production supply chain of the zootechnical sector (chicken, pork, cow’s milk, etc.) is used to produce food that ends up on the tables of about 10 million Italians every day, and of many other consumers of made in Italy products in Europe and the world.

Corn for zootechnical use and pet food
Corn is the main nutrition component of not only revenue animals such as poultry, cattle, and pigs, but is also used in the pet food formulas.
Roasted soy seeds

Thanks to innovative technologies you get slow, low temperature roasting that keeps the seed’s nutritional characteristics intact, to make “full-fat” products, that is seeds complete with all fats, intended to only be used in the animal feed industry.

Meal feeds and soybean meals

The oily seed oil extraction process provides meal feeds and soybean meals from soy seeds, sunflower, rapeseed (normal, protein, high-protein, and hulls) for animal feed formulas.

Organic protein panels

A facility dedicated solely to the cold pressing of organic oily seeds enables the production of zootechnical use panels of soy, rapeseed, sunflower with guaranteed traceability and a cutting-edge quality control and assurance system
Zootechnical oils

The mechanical seed pressing and extraction processes lead to the rough oils from oily seeds, such as soy, rapeseed and sunflower.

Zootechnical lectins

These are an improvement factor for the weight growth of animals and the conversion index. In fish and shell fish farming, the fatty acids contained in lectin are fundamental for the functionality of various apparatuses, notably increasing the survival rate. They contribute to making the food digestible and ensuring good emulsion of fats at intestinal level.