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Us, the ingredients of change

The Group recognises that its fundamental engine lies in human capital; what feeds daily activities, from the most strategic to the most operational. Each collaborator, at every level, takes part in the ambitious company purpose to “guarantee nourishment and well-being to people, animals and the environment to keep the eco-system perfectly balanced”.
With this awareness, Cereal Docks Group undertakes to create the assumptions for making company people happier, by adding value to everyone’s job, enhancing training and the development of a welfare system that increases the well-being of collaborators and their families.


Code of ethics

The principles of the Code of Ethics of the Cereal Docks Group companies guide everyone working in the company in their daily business and are an essential part of its style and identity. The respect, adhesion and spread of the values and content of the Code of Ethics must be pursued above all other company and personal interests that could contrast with them.

Culture of health and occupational safety

Creation of a context that helps prevent risks to health and occupational safety is based not only on respect for laws in force, but also the Group commitment to making sure that all collaborators are continuously guaranteed knowledge and awareness of those issues. That is why the annual day dedicated to awareness-raising is then followed by year long Safety Day program appointments; training moments held throughout the months on safety, health and organisational well-being.

+9% training hours pro capita on the subject in 2022 compared to 2020

Welfare and well-being

Positive climate and collaborator wellbeing: the two goals of the annual welfare Plan, a budget allocated to goods and services available to employees and their families.

€350,000 distributed amongst collaborators through the welfare Plan in 2022

Sustainability as a common goal

Achieving specific goals from year to year is a shared target, acknowledged by allocating the Result Bonus. An environmental sustainability index has been part of the Result Bonus since 2022.

€500,000 allocated as a Result Bonus in 2022

Policy Diversity & Inclusion

A policy to spread an inclusive company culture, to overcome any form of discrimination and/or prejudice and that recognises the value of diversity.