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Discovering innovation territories


Circular, functional ingredients for feed

New or improved components for animal farming, also by enhancing co-products and by-products of other industrial processes, in order to provide greater added value products than the current state of the art.

Innovative proteins

New high protein content food ingredients obtained from non-animal matrices, in particular plant. Integrating diet with different proteins to classic ones is a consolidated trend, especially in western countries, and above all amongst young generations.

New functional and free-from ingredients

Innovations concerning all the other components apart from protein (e.g. gluten-free flours, oils and fats, fibres, etc.), where requested by the market, aligned with the technical-scientific skills and in line with the Cereal Docks Group industrial model.

Healthy nutrition and healthy pleasure

The creation and development of recipes, in the R&I Department kitchen-lab, become the tool to be used to speak the same language as our industrial customers and direct access to the end consumer, both brokered by large-scale distribution and not.

Enhancing by-products

A transversal area aligned with research for ever greater environmental sustainability linked to enhancing the by-products of industrial processes. With special attention for feed and food applications.

Nutraceutics and superfood

Higher added value ingredients, with maximum, not purely technical functionalities, above all and mainly organic. Research going in that direction considers possible synergy with the Group division dedicated to nutraceutics and cosmetics, Aethera Biotech.