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Robertet and Aethera announce a sustainable and visionary partnership

04 April 2024
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We are proud to share the announcement of the new partnership between the Robertet Group and the Cereal Docks Group company Aethera Biotech

Robertet Group, world leader in natural products and Aethera Biotech specialized in developing active ingredients are joining forces in the biotech phytocomplexes field. This alliance between two family-run companies, with shared values, vision, and passion for nature, is intended to create synergies to become the craftsmen of tomorrow’s plant world.

Augmented Naturality: an alliance between nature and biotech

Robertet Group's expertise in sourcing and creation of high-quality natural ingredients, combines with Aethera Biotech's scientific innovation will increase the value of the plant world. Both compagnies are committed to meet the challenges of the climate crisis, the growing demand for health and well-being, and the need to preserve natural resources.

With a deep respect for nature, Robertet and Aethera Biotech aim to redefine industry standards for active ingredients sourced from plants, while promoting sustainable development and preserving biodiversity. To offer natural solutions, both companies draw on advances in biotechnology to sustainably produce plant-based ingredients.

Robertet, a pioneer in the extraction of natural ingredients, combines tradition and innovation to extract the best from nature through environmentally friendly processes and green chemistry. Robertet offers a range of active ingredients, including Superoxide Dismutase SOD B®, a powerful antioxidant extracted from a unique melon variety. This innovation has led to the launch of active ingredients: Extramel®, Dimpless®, Holimel® and Melorun®, each providing benefits in different areas. Aethera Biotech pioneers innovative biotechnological phytocomplexes through its patented CROP® (Controlled Release of Optimized Plants) technology, ensuring 100% natural ingredients without environmental contaminants, solvents, or preservatives. This mimetic process to nature enables sustainable production of high-quality ingredients with proven effectiveness fostering “Augmented Naturality”.

This approach offers constancy and permanent availability, regardless of season or geographical boundaries, while ensuring high safety and respect for biodiversity.

Through this partnership with Aethera Biotech,  Robertet aims to enrich its portfolio of natural active ingredients, broadening its range of high-quality products to meet the diversified needs of its customers.

Additionally, Robertet will gradually become the exclusive distributor of products derived from this patented technology in European countries (except Italy), strengthening its commitment to offering natural ingredients, excellence, and innovation.

"This collaboration with Aethera Biotech testifies to our innovation strategy through the pursuit of targeted partnerships. With Aethera, we are reinventing traditional sourcing to meet the market's growing needs for active ingredients, while minimizing our impact on the environment. This greatest of two visionary companies takes us to new heights of Augmented Naturality."
Olivier Maubert, Chief Innovation Officer Robertet Group, Health & Beauty Director
"We are glad to start this collaboration that will involve various areas of action mixing Aethera Biotech's scientific approach with the know-how of Robertet Group. Our CROP® platform will be the booster to study and develop innovative products. We are convinced that this technology has enormous potential yet to be explored, with a dual objective: to obtain standardized, high-quality, and effective plant phyto-complexes, and to contribute respect our planet.”
Daniele Baghi, CEO Aethera Biotech

Empowered by science: a breakthrough Rose extract

Get ready to witness innovation as Robertet and Aethera unveil their latest collaboration at the prestigious In Cosmetics exhibition in Paris on April 16th- 18th. Together, they introduce a groundbreaking product centered around Rose, the iconic ingredient for perfumery.

AQ3Rose CROP®-G represents a revolutionary patented and standardized biotech ingredient derived from Rosa chinensis. By harnessing the power of a fraction of the plant, this extraordinary formulation yields a potent blend of polysaccharides and phytocollagen. AQ3Rose CROP®-G delivers unparalleled protection against premature skin aging, offering deep hydration that rejuvenates and revitalizes. It naturally enhances skin elasticity and firmness by stimulating the production of new collagen.

With this first common venture, Robertet and Aethera push the boundaries of health & beauty, enhancing naturality with science.

About Robertet Group

Robertet S.A. was founded in Grasse in 1850 and is the world leader in natural products. Based in France and majority family-owned since its creation, the Robertet Group is still controlled by the Maubert family and is the only fragrance, flavor and ingredient company that is fully integrated throughout the entire creative process, from source to final fragrance or flavor. Today, the Robertet Group is represented in more than 50 countries, has more than 2,428 employees worldwide and offers its customers a range of 1,727 natural materials and products created in one of its 14 global creation centers. In 2023, the Robertet Group have achieved a global net turnover in excess of 720 million euros.

About Aethera Biotech

Aethera Biotech, based in Italy is part of Cereal Docks Group, owned by the Fanin Family, which has been active for more than 40 years in the first agro- food processing, to produce ingredients (flours, oils, lecithins, gluten-free flours, precooked flours, grits) deriving from oilseeds and cereals intended for feed, food, pharma, cosmetic, technical and energy applications. Cereal Docks Group adopted a strategy of diversification for its offerings, that is how Aethera was born in 2016 in a mission to meet the well-being and beauty needs of human beings and the environment thanks to CROP®, an innovative and sustainable proprietary biotech platform based on in vitro plant cultures.

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