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Alternative Fats: the article by our R&I team and GSV is on Nature Reviews Bioengineering

24 April 2024
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In recent weeks, Cereal Docks, through its Research & Innovation Department, has collaborated with Grey Silo Ventures and Prof. Giorgia Spigno from the Catholic University to create a review article on the world of alternative fats and the most interesting startups in the sector. Today, "Innovative dietary fat production," the article resulting from this important collaboration, has been published in the prestigious international journal Nature Reviews Bioengineering.

Fats and oils are crucial food components for human health. However, animal fats and palm oil dominate the food industry, raising concerns for health and the environment, which have spurred the development of alternatives. The alternative fats industry now offers significant market potential, with several startups developing new technical solutions and attracting investor interest.

The Research & Innovation Department of Cereal Docks Group and the Corporate VC Grey Silo Ventures have explored the production and commercial opportunities of alternative fats. The development of new alternatives to traditional animal fats could indeed make a significant contribution to meeting the need for healthy, accessible, and fully sustainable food products.

Alternative fats are developed using a range of innovative technologies, including oleosome extraction, fermentation, oleogelation, and cellular agriculture. The paper "Innovative dietary fat production" provides an overview of these technologies that enable the creation of more sustainable and potentially healthier ingredients than traditional fat sources such as palm oil, coconut oil, and butter, and an overview of the state of the art in the world of alternative fats.

Congratulations to the team that made this great achievement possible: Enrico Costanzo, Francesca Turetta, Matteo Leonardi, Alex Menardi, Giulia Cestonaro, and thanks to Prof. Giorgia Spigno for her valuable contribution.


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