Who we are

Who we are

Cereal Docks is a leading Italian industrial group in the collection and processing of grains and oil seeds for foods, animal feeds, industrial uses and applications in the renewable energy sector. The group supplies, stores and trades agricultural raw materials.

Partnering with farmers and the processing industry, Cereal Docks contributes to guaranteeing good, healthy, authentic and sustainable products for the wellbeing of consumers and the future of the planet.


We partner with farmers, working together to cultivate the values of quality, safety, sustainability and transparency

The link between agriculture and agroindustry

A link between agriculture and agroindustry, Cereal Docks facilitates dialogue between these two worlds through production chain agreements with farmers to guarantee the highest quality materials based on a virtuous agricultural model, in full respect of the environment and the work of its suppliers.

Thanks to this connection, Cereal Docks can transfer the requests coming from the industrial sector, and therefore also from the final consumer, directly to the farmers, developing new products and differentiating the range of offering from farmers through their own productive processes.

Cereal Docks International

An international trading company with offices in Milan, committed to supplying raw materials and logistical-commercial services to the animal feeds, milling and grains industries.

The companies rely on the logistics hub in Fiorenzuola D’ Arda in the Piacenza province. Thanks to 30,000 MT of storage capacity, the logistic base in Fiorenzuola is a point of reference for provisioning the strategic area in the Pianura Padana.

Cereal Docks East Europe

The company handles trading and storage service in the new facility at Ortisoara in Romania, strategically located in an acquisition area spanning approximately 200 kilometers, dedicated to the cultivation of corn, soy, sunflowers, rapeseed, wheat and sorghum.

The presence of a railway station inside of the facility is a significant competitive advantage. In addition to provisioning services for the Group’s Italian companies, Cereal Docks East Europe also provides storage services, and will soon also open a toasting plant.

Cereal Docks Marghera

Founded in 2011, after the acquisition of the Porto Marghera facility by the multinational company Bunge, the company – backed up by a significant investment plan for the complete revamping of its production systems – processes raw plant materials (soy and rapeseed), with focus on the extraction of oils and meals for the foods, livestock, pharmaceutical and energy sectors.

Cereal Docks Food

Founded in 2013, the company works in the field of standardized plant-based lecithin and functional blends for food, livestock, industrial and pharmaceutical uses. Active in national and international markets, it is the ideal commercial partner for industrial companies and groups seeking technologically advanced solutions and products, all of which are reliable and rigorously guaranteed from a quality, traceability and foods safety standpoint.


Cereal Docks Organic

Founded in 2017, Cereal Docks Organic develops the production chain for organic grains, seed oils and protein crops for food and livestock uses. The mission of Cereal Docks Organic is to guarantee client industries with constant approval of safe organic seeds, with guaranteed, tracked and identifiable proof of origin, in addition to a global quality guarantee.

Demethra Biotech

100% Italian, Demethra Biotech means green Biotech, producing plant-based active ingredients using alternative methods to traditional field cultivation, through their own innovative, sustainable biotechnological platform (CROP) to produce secondary metabolic products on an industrial scale in highly controlled conditions.

Equipped with R&D and production systems spanning 4,000 square meters, designed according to the most advanced green technology standards, Demethra Biotech is facing the global challenge with the intention to contribute to building a better future for humans and the environment.


The group

Cereal Docks International

Società di trading internazionale con sede a Milano impegnata nella fornitura di materie prime e servizi logistico-commerciali destinati all’industria mangimistica, molitoria e cerealicola.

Cereal Docks East Europe

Cereal Docks Romania, fondata nel 2015, opera a Timisoara, nell’Ovest del Paese ed è attiva nell’approvvigionamento e nella commercializzazione di materie prime agricole provenienti dal mercato rumeno e dell’Europa dell’Est.

Cereal Docks Marghera

Fondata nel 2011, a seguito dell’acquisizione dello stabilimento di Porto Marghera dalla multinazionale Bunge, la società – alla quale è stato dedicato un importante piano di investimenti per il completo revamping degli impianti produttivi – svolge attività di lavorazione di materie prime vegetali (soia e colza) con particolare riguardo all’estrazione di oli per il settore alimentare, zootecnico, farmaceutico ed energetico.

Cereal Docks Food

Fondata nel 2013, la società opera nel campo delle lecitine vegetali standardizzate e dei blends funzionali per uso alimentare, zootecnico, industriale e farmaceutico. Attiva sul mercato nazionale e internazionale, è partner commerciale di aziende e gruppi industriali che ricercano soluzioni e prodotti tecnologicamente avanzati, affidabili e rigorosamente garantiti sotto il profilo della qualità, della tracciabilità e della sicurezza alimentare.

Cereal Docks Organic

Creata nel 2017, Cereal Docks Organic ha il compito di sviluppare le filiere biologiche di cereali, oleaginose e proteaginose per uso alimentare e zootecnico. La mission di Cereal Docks Organic è garantire all’industria cliente un approvvigionamento costante di granelle biologiche sicure, con origine garantita, tracciata e identificabile, oltre che caratterizzata da qualità globale.

Demethra Biotech

Italiana al 100%, Demethra Biotech è green Biotech poiché produce principi attivi vegetali con una modalità alternativa alla tradizionale coltura in campo, utilizzando una propria, innovativa e sostenibile piattaforma biotecnologica (CROP) utilizzata per produrre, in condizioni altamente controllate e su scala industriale, metaboliti secondari.

Dotata di impianti di R&D e produzione di oltre 4.000 metri quadri, concepiti secondo standard rispondenti ai criteri più avanzati di green techology, Demethra Biotech si confronta in un contesto globale con l’intento e l’ambizione di contribuire alla costruzione di un futuro migliore per l’uomo e l’ambiente.


2.050.000 MT

Of products exiting facilities



930 Trains and ships

Transporting seeds

670.000 MT

Storage capacity

100.000 MWh

Power produced by renewable sources

2.920.500 Kg

CO2 savings

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