Cereal Docks was one of the very first Italian industrial companies in the commodities sector to understand the value of sustainability, and to apply it with the SISTEMA GREEN®, guaranteeing traceability, reduction in Co2 emissions, absence of GMO, as well as respect for health and safety obligations in the workplace and respect for contractual terms and conditions (under the table work, child labor, etc.).

In the scope of sustainability, Cereal Docks has implemented a tracking system starting from the seed, building the foundations for continuing close collaboration with the world of agriculture.
The introduction of good practices relative to crop rotation, fertilizing, techniques for protecting crops from insects, recommendations for the terrain, etc. contribute to increasing crop yield and quality. To support the commitment made by farmers, Cereal Docks promotes agronomic rotation, offering advantageous terms and certainty of category placement.

For each of their sustainable products, such as flour, oil and lecithin coming from soybeans cultivated in Italy, Cereal Docks evaluates the Carbon Footprint along the life cycle of the product, from cradle to gate.

Sustainable logistics

Cereal Docks is reaffirming its commitment to reducing the environmental impacts of its activities, fully aware that the harvest, transport and storage of agricultural derivatives has a direct influence on the environment.

It is for this reason that the company is committed to designing, planning and implementing best logistical practices according to the concept of sustainability.

  1. A commitment to transport grains and oil seeds using the least polluting transport means, in particular by sea, followed by trains, using road transport only for shorter distances;
  2. Selection of road transport carriers based on their experience and ability to carefully manage the transport of harvests, and their willingness to invest in vehicles with lower carbon dioxide emissions;
  3. Commitment to planning and studying storage means together, and to alternative itineraries to reduce transit times and the total CO2 emissions caused by transport;
  4. Trust in innovation, improving environmental performance in vehicles, in particular regarding hybrid technologies and the use of alternative fuels.

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