The deadline for the submission of applications to participate in the third edition of Progetto Campus will expire the next 31st of July. Progetto Campus is a training project of the Cereal Docks Group that offers an opportunity to develop a high-level scientific study on a research innovative topic of common interest both for the company and for the students.

Students of the master’s degree courses in biotechnology, chemistry and food safety with a B2 level English certificate and willing to develop a degree thesis project inside the company can apply to participate to the third edition of Progetto Campus.

The focus of this third edition of the Campus Project will be a very promising research area for possible application developments related to the food sector: “Alternative proteins, from bio-molecules to functional ingredients. Characterization, extraction and applications in the food sector”.  The initiative will take place from October 2020 to March 2021. To participate it is necessary to send your application at the link: – toggle-id-1- closed.