Sustainable production chains

Sistema Green®

Sistema Green® is the Cereal Docks brand for sustainable, tracked production chains for soy, white corn, sunflower seeds and derivatives (meals, oils and lecithin used mainly as ingredients in the agricultural/food processing sector and animal feeds sector).

This system is attentive to environmental, social and economic sustainability. It guarantees the national origins of products, absence of GMO, and controlled greenhouse gas emissions. It identifies players in the production chain and guarantees tracking of all products.

The oil seeds managed in the production chain are mainly soy and sunflower, in addition to white corn and rapeseed. Soybeans and sunflower seeds are used to obtain qualified vegetable proteins and oils used in several major Italian food industries, guaranteeing tracking of the food from the producer to the final consumer (meats, milk, cheeses), with special attention on the feeds used for livestock.

For farmers involved in the Cereal Docks supply chains that want to improve the efficiency of their business, simplify administrative management, optimize the use of resources and know in a timely manner when it is necessary to intervene in the field, the new App Sistema Green® is also available, created by the Agronomic and R&I Departments in collaboration with the platform for digital agriculture xFarm.

Sustainable agriculture

“Restarting from the earth” are the key words used by Cereal Docks to launch its commitment to sustainable Italian production chains. Farmers are the protagonists of the effort: placing value on their work, acknowledging their identities, experience and wealth of knowledge.

To provide real added value to agricultural crops, differentiating them from simple commodities, Cereal Docks chose the path of 100% traceable Italian production chains. This is a win-win production chain approach, where all the participating players can benefit from the creation of value along the chain.

Digital technologies and precision agriculture are currently providing new possibilities for analyzing soil characteristics and its need for nutrients, to improve fertility, correct and sustainable use of nitrogen fertilizers, and diffusion of sustainable farming practices, like controlling growth rates in plants, minimal processing, and planting of cover crops to fix carbon in the soil.

In partnership with important companies in the farming sector, Cereal Docks is preparing to create new stimulus to its commitment in the production chains, offering an even stronger alliance with Italian farmers to qualify their crops. All of this is in response to the demands of consumers, always more attentive to transparency, sustainability, food safety and the wellbeing of all the players along the production chain.

From the farmer to the consumer: the value of the production chain

All of the points in the commitment of Cereal Docks to sustainable production chains are united in this graph, which represents the main steps in generating value in agricultural/food production chains for soy, sunflower seeds, white corn and their derivatives. The title Sustainability Game is a play on the idea of a contest, but in reality, it is a continuously renewed cycle, harvest after harvest.

The starting point is the farmer and the point of arrival is the final consumer. In the middle are the three dimensions of sustainability: environmental, social and economic, the various certifications on raw materials, tracking from the field to the finished product and production chain controls. The sustainability formula is relative to national production chains, as well as crops coming from abroad. Today, Cereal Docks is ready to provide its customers with RTRS (Round Table Responsible Soy) certification, an initiative involving soy producers, resellers and organizations in civil society around the globe, with a special focus on the Americas.

These subjects have developed a voluntary certification system based on the highest standards of sustainability, to guarantee that soy, as a raw material, before being transformed into derivative products, has origins based on an ecological, socially responsible and economically sustainable process.

Sustainable, traced and certified origin

The voluntary certification schemes Donau Soja, Proterra, Europe Soya were the first step in the field of sustainable soy with a global approach to sustainability issues, plus the Round Table Responsible Soy (RTRS), a voluntary scheme based on high standards of sustainability to ensure that soy, both as a raw material and as a derivative, originates from an ecologically correct, socially responsible and economically sustainable process.

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