Sustainability is an essential part of Cereal Docks’ business model with a view to the responsible development of its activities. To this end, for some years now the Group has been pursuing a sustainability approach towards transparent and structured communication with its key stakeholders, reporting its economic, financial and sustainability performance since 2014, with the publishing of the first Report of Sustainability 2014/2017 followed by this latest Report of Sustainability 2018/2020, which covers the fiscal years 2018, 2019, 2020.

The Report of Sustainability 2020 has been prepared in accordance with the GRI Standards, with a level of “Core” and is inspired by the “International Framework” suggested by the International Integrated Reporting Committee (IIRC), illustrating the financial and sustainability performance, the business model, governance and risk management, compliance, the competitive environment, as well as the strategy and capitals that represent the evolution of the Group during the three-year reference period.

With this edition of the Report of Sustainability, Cereal Docks Group begins a journey of reporting its performance in relation to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that represent the “common goals” to be achieved in areas relevant to sustainable development.

About us

History, identity and governance

Cereal Docks sustainably processes plant-based unrefined materials into good, innovative and safe ingredients for industry and consumers. Since it was born in 1983, Cereal Docks has remained faithful to its bond with land and farmers, evolving its calling in the bio economy, taking inspiration from an increasingly sustainable production system, based on a rational and waste-free use of biological resources, to help regenerate natural ecosystems.

Oilseeds, including soybeans, rapeseed and sunflower, become ingredients such as flours, oils and lecithin, to which are then added cereals (corn, wheat, barley) to be used in food, animal feed, pharmaceutics, cosmetics, industrial and energy applications. Innovative, highly effective and standardized active ingredients for nutraceuticals, cosmetics and cosmeceuticals developed from biotechnological processes based on in vitro cultures of plant cells, also derived from natural plant matrices.

OUR MISSION We trust people and people trust us. For this reason, together with our partners, we build a sustainable model based on certified supply chains, innovative technologies and essential production, without waste, to protect, nourish and respect the environment, all living beings and for a zero-emission future.

Supply chains and products

Sustainability from the origins

We like to think of ourselves as the link between the agricultural world and the processing industry, close to the final consumer. In this role, we feel a strong commitment to enhance the agricultural supply chains, giving priority to Italian ones, and ensuring sustainability and traceability.

Sistema Green® is the brand of Cereal Docks that since 2012 has been promoting a system of farming that combines environmental, social and economic sustainability. With Alimento Italia®, Cereal Docks responds to consumer demand with 100% Italian products. Our commitment to traceability and sustainability also applies to supply chains originating abroad, ensuring a responsible production without deforestation or wild use of natural resources or violation of human rights.

Our quality and sustainability departments work together to guarantee to the client industry, and therefore to the consumers, the control of the supply chain in terms of quality, safety, traceability and any need coming from the market.

Our growth

Performance and innovation

With a growing Economic Value Added and Distributed Economic Value, the wealth created by the company in carrying out its business and among the main stakeholders increased over the course of the three-year reporting period.

Innovation is one of the most important drivers of the growth strategies in Cereal Docks Group. This commitment is developed inside, thanks to the Research and Innovation department and a green technology model, and outside, in a logic of open innovation, thanks to a network of collaborations and partnerships including universities, prestigious research institutions, the ecosystem of start-ups, innovative business networks.

Also IT function has seen strong development in terms of projects, resources and skills to assure the flow of management and production processes.

The human capital

How relationships matter

The management and enhancement of human capital is a core issue for Cereal Docks Group, committed every day to creating a positive business environment based on mutual trust and collaboration in a comfortable and safe setting, and to the professional growth of each employee can expand thanks to trainings.

2017 Mantegna Academy, the Cereal Docks Group’s corporate school is responsible for supporting the professional path of employees through trainings and qualification activities; a welfare plan full of opportunities gives the employees a “purse” to buy goods and services.

Awareness of the impact that the company has on the local area has led Cereal Docks over the years to engage in initiatives and allocate resources ad hoc.

The natural heritage

Energy for future

Thanks to a policy which focuses on respecting and safeguarding the environment for present and future generations, Cereal Docks Group is actively committed to preventing and minimizing the impact of its processes and products on the environment.

Cereal Docks self-produces electricity mainly through two sources, photovoltaic system and cogeneration, it is particularly committed to optimizing water consumption.

To reduce environmental impacts, social costs and to ensure continuity of supply to essential supply chains for the end consumer, the solution lies in the creation of a multimodal, automated and connected transport system. Combining ship, train and road helps to increase efficiency and reduce risks, also through the development of intelligent logistics management systems, now possible thanks to digitization.

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