Sustainability Report: The first edition is here

Cereal Docks presents its first Sustainability Report, a tool for monitoring, reporting and communicating the corporate process responsible for the company which aims to represent the activities conducted with all the stakeholders, in line with the mission and its reference values.

The first edition of the Cereal Docks Sustainability Report represents a sort of ‘number zero’, since it gathers in a single document the analysis of four years between 2014 and 2017, drawn up according to the Global Reporting Initiative standard.

The Sustainability Report is a useful tool for a smooth communication and dialogue – customers, suppliers, employees, financial operators, investors, institutions and the community in general all expect to receive more clear, detailed and immediate information about the company’s activities.

Cereal Docks is committed to the importance of concepts such as corporate citizenship and social responsibility associated with the untouchable value of the company. Safety, health, environment, human resources policies, trainings, social inclusion and communication are some of the areas of action that reflect our commitment to create a shared value.

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