Industrial structure

The industrial structure includes the completely renovated facility in Marghera, integrated with three logistics structures (sea/railway/road), the recently expanded facility in Camisano, the origination plant in Romania, and the facility in Fiorenzuola, which was recently revamped to consolidate its strategic role in the storage and distribution of products.

The new general headquarters at Via dell’Innovazione, 1 in Camisano Vicentino is a point of reference for the entire Group, a place for meeting, working, growing and improving, with close bonds among the various operating facilities and offices.

Every project is conceived, designed and created to instill synergy among the various facilities, and thanks to their flexibility and efficiency, the Group continues to develop higher performing services for their suppliers and customers.

Camisano Vicentino


2.400 Square meters

Surface Area offices and laboratories


Sales Offices
Cereal Docks International

Camisano Vicentino

Lecithin storage, drying, toasting, extraction, refining, esterification, standardization systems

200.000 MT

Storage capacity

Marghera – Venezia

Storage, drying, toasting, extraction, refining

90.000 MT

Storage capacity

Portogruaro – Venezia

Storage and drying systems

170.000 MT


Fiorenzuola – Piacenza

Meals and grains distribution warehouse

26.000 MT


Porto Marghera – Venezia

Coastal depot for vegetable oils

33.000 MT

Storage capacity

Ortisoara Romania

Harvest and storage of grains and oil seeds

30.000 MT

Storage capacity

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