Quality approach

Safety from the seed to the table

To guarantee quality, safety and traceability of their products to industrial customers and consumers, Cereal Docks dedicates resources and energy to selecting and controlling the finest raw materials, from seeds to crops, storage and subsequent processing.

Thanks to investments dedicated to improving productive infrastructures, the processes continuously guarantee respect for specific quality, safety and health standards, also in terms of consumption and standardization of the finished product.

Traceability and tracking along the entire production chain are implemented autonomously through audits, proving the Cereal Docks Group relies on a system that is aligned with national and international standards, on compliance with the voluntary certifications the group adheres to.

The Quality Centers

  • 4 operating physical-chemical analysis laboratories in each productive facility;
  • 1 microbiological laboratory fitted with PCR for DNA testing (NO-GMO products, prevention of salmonella);
  • 1 new laboratory under construction in Camisano Vicentino;
  • 5 food specialists with degrees in food safety;
  • 6 laboratory technicians;
  • Food quality and safety system applied to all production lines;
  • Continuous mycotoxin controls;
  • Management of food alerts and emergencies;
  • Experimental projects to improve agricultural technologies;
  • “On-site” experimentation of innovative harvests.


The quality management system along the entire value chain complies with international certification standards for processes and products.

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