Politica ambientale

Green Energy

Cereal Docks Group is committed in preventing and minimizing the impacts of its processes and products on the environment. This is why sustainable supply chains were born, alongside cogeneration and photovoltaic plants, constant internal training on the most relevant environmental issues and awareness-raising activities and campaigns.

Specifically, the cogeneration plants fed with bioliquids have made the Group’s production facilities self-sufficient in terms of electricity supply. Cereal Docks is in fact able to produce a total of 22Mw of electricity distributed among the various plants.

The heat produced is used in the industrial processes of the plants, while the excess electricity is transferred to the grid as green energy. The photovoltaic systems installed in the Camisano Vicentino and Portogruaro plants have a power of about 5,000 kWp for a production of 5,500,000 kWh of electricity and about 2,920,500 kg of CO2 saved.

Sustainable logistics

Sustainable logistics

Cereal Docks is reaffirming its commitment to reducing the environmental impacts of its business, fully aware that the harvest, transport and storage of agricultural derivatives has a direct influence on the environment. It is for this reason that the company is committed to designing, planning and implementing best logistical practices according to the concept of sustainability.

Integrated sea/rail/road logistics platform

Among the driving forces behind this commitment, transport of grains and oil seeds using the least polluting means is central, starting from ships and trains and moving on to transport by truck used for shorter distances.

Drive towards innovation

Cereal Docks prioritizes business relationships with transport companies committed to reducing the environmental impact of their vehicles. The result are LNG methane powered vehicles customized with the company trademark. When compared to the same weights and distances, a methane powered vehicle emits 95% less fine dust pollutants, and CO2 emissions are cut by 20%.

Use of railways

Cereal Docks is aiming for railway connections with the networks of its customers and suppliers. In 2018 at a Group level, nearly 1,000 freight trains were used for transport, both for incoming and outgoing products; relying on trains drastically reduced the number of heavy freight trucks used: it is estimated that thanks to the use of trains approximately 27,000 trucks were eliminated from roads in the last year alone.

Biomass energy

The reform of the national electrical power system introduced the obligation for electrical power producers and importers to feed “green” energy into the mains network, meaning energy produced by plants fed by renewable energy sources (IAFR).

The facilities in Camisano Vicentino and Portogruaro comply with these requirements thanks to the presence of two electrical power plants generating a total of 100,000 MWh. The plants are fed with vegetable oils produced by the same company: 15% of the electrical power produced is sold as renewable energy, while the remaining 85% is used for internal consumption, rendering the company autonomous from an energy point of view.

Solar Power

Cereal Docks has installed solar power systems at its facilities in Camisano Vicentino and Portogruaro, with approximately 5,000 kWp power for production of 5,500,000 kWh of electrical power and approximately 2.920.500 Kg of CO2 savings.

The systems are equipped with a series of technological solutions to optimize energy efficiency and satisfy the company’s energy demand, while any surplus power is fed into the national mains network.

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