Mantegna Academy

The Cereal Docks business school

Mantegna Academy, the Cereal Docks Group corporate school, was founded to support building the future of the Group through growing its Human Capital both inside and outside of the company over the mid-long term.

To monitor the cycle of knowledge: from organization of training requirements to selection of new talent and their training over the course of their entire professional careers.

To develop the corporate reputation as an employer, disseminating its identity, values, vision and attracting the best human resources in the market.  To contribute to the definition and creation of projects to diffuse and develop skills and know-how in 3 main areas: Agriculture, Nutrition, Environment.

Mantegna Academy is designed to be a place for enhancing people inside and outside of the company, latching on to external stimuli and opening up a wide range of cross-over knowledge, including art, culture, science and technology.

Carta Bianca Project

The concept of an open company is expanding with new content, looking beyond to other “worlds”, seemingly distant from the business world, but in reality, closely linked to the history, values and role of the company in the local territory.

This was the idea behind the founding of the Carta Bianca Project: a blank sheet to freely express a new pathway and different way of conceiving business. A blank sheet for recounting a story that today includes art and culture, and which tomorrow could also propose different themes, inspired by contemporary culture, as well as history and possible future scenarios.

2019: the first step for Carta Bianca starts with art: four meetings with artwork as common thread and key for getting to know the past, understanding the present and imagining the future.

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