Research and innovation

Research and innovation

Innovation is one of the most important driving forces for the Cereal Docks Group growth strategies. This commitment is developed around and through the Group Lab, and beyond, as part of a system of open innovation logic, thanks to a network of collaborations and partnerships that involve the realm of universities, prestigious research institutions, the ecosystem of start-up businesses, and networks of innovative companies.

The strong point of the Cereal Docks Group Lab is the possibility to apply research and innovation to products and processes in close cooperation with the other corporate departments, in particular with the production department. This model allows effectively assessing the real impact of research in terms of applicability, consolidation and expansion of business.

The Cereal Docks Group Lab includes a multidisciplinary team with expert researchers in several scientific disciplines. This favors cross-contamination of knowledge, where each member can transfer their know-how and skills, activating networks of collaboration inside and outside of the Group.

The team of researchers is involved in the search for innovative solutions to respond to the evolution of the market, with the goal of diversifying the offering in the ingredients sector, according to eco-sustainable and circular economy principles, with special attention to food safety.

Areas of research

Functional ingredients. Cereal Docks Group Lab studies customers’ needs and develops innovative functional ingredients aiming to contribute to the improvement of human nutrition in a context of food safety and environmental sustainability.

Upcycling and circular economy. In a context where it is important to minimize waste, the value of products and by-products in the agro-food chain plays a key role in transforming production waste into resources that are once again useful and sustainable for human and animal nutrition.

Green chemistry. Research into sustainable production techniques allows the Group to identify bioprocesses and biotransformations to obtain eco-sustainable materials and bio-based building blocks.

Digital transformation. The transformation that is redefining Agrifood is also naturally involving agriculture. Cereal Docks Group’s R&I and agronomic teams are working alongside agricultural suppliers to stimulate and facilitate digital transformation and production automation processes.

Alternative proteins to feed the planet

Meeting the food needs of a rapidly growing world population is the challenge of the future.

In this game, vegetable proteins represent a valid possibility to be placed side by side with animal proteins.

Cereal Docks Group Lab’s research in this field concerns the identification, extraction and applications in the food sector, to convert vegetable bio-molecules into functional ingredients for the food industry.

Open Innovation

Participation in open innovation processes by the Cereal Docks Group manifests in a series of technological collaborations and involvement with different partners: researchers work in networks and through strategic alliances, creating positive interactions with other companies, universities, research centers, laboratories and hubs of innovation.

FoodTech Accelerator 

This is a vertical acceleration program for start-up businesses at an international level for FoodTech. The objective is to accelerate start-ups that have the potential to impact the core business of corporate partners and/or develop new business, also beyond the corporate perimeter. Cereal Docks, together with Amadori and Finiper, and coordination by Deloitte, is a corporate partner in the initiative, which in its first edition was participated in by more than 300 start-ups, 7 of which were “accelerated” by Cereal Docks.

Mantegna Campus, your thesis in our company

The Cereal Docks Group Campus Project has the goal of bringing the university world closer to the world of business, offering young people an opportunity for education and research, to better understand the logic of the realm of production and exchange innovative ideas. Cereal Docks Campus offers university students the possibility to develop highly innovative in-depth knowledge on a topic related to the corporate business. The work carried out is then transformed into the students’ thesis project.

RIBES-Nest Innovative Regional Network

Cereal Docks participates in RIBES-Nest, one of the primary innovative regional networks in the Veneto Region. The network includes 9 research centers and 47 large, medium and small businesses, with a comprehensive turnover estimated at 8 billion Euros, and with over 12,000 employees

Solar Impulse Efficient Solution 

Cereal Docks’ Bioplasticizer was attributed the “Solar Impulse Efficient Solution” Label following an assessment performed by external independent experts and based on verified standards. Cereal Docks is there by joining the #1000solutions challenge, an initiative by the Solar Impulse Foundation to select clean and profitable solutions addressing the issue of climate change and present them to decision-makers to fast-track their implementation.

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