Food safety

Group Lab: quality and innovation

Cereal Docks Group Lab is the new center for excellence in quality and innovation, with its focus on controls, quality assurance and R&D for the Cereal Docks Group. This new hub houses five laboratories: Physical Chemistry, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Organic/Inorganic Contaminants, Research&Development. The Cereal Docks Lab multidisciplinary team is backed up by the most advanced knowledge in food safety, food technologies, pharmaceutical technologies, industrial chemistry and molecular biology.

Cereal Docks Group Lab is also focused on the prevention of mycotoxins in corn upon the arrival of raw materials, and before it enters production processes, thanks to detection technology.  NIR (Near Infrared Reflectance) control systems provide instant results based on a non-destructive predictive technique that allows automating the control process. Data management also makes it possible to identify trends and intervene immediately if any deviations are evident. Quality control relies more and more on predictive analysis, while the job of company personnel is more connected to the optimization, implementation and monitoring of the technology, in order to better govern productive processes in the company.

In addition to the new laboratories, the company has also implemented several certification processes, like GMP+, for the production and sales of animal feeds, and FSSC 22000, the highest international food safety standard, recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative, certifying safety along the entire food production chain.

Accreditation ISO 17025: a guarantee of trust

Cereal Docks Group Lab is preparing for accreditation of several tests according to the strict regulation of the international standard ISO 17025. Created to answer to the growing demand for quality and safety, this accreditation contributes to building trust in the market and in consumers.

Guaranteeing the competence, independence and impartiality of the entities and laboratories that certify compliance with standards for products on the market, accreditation builds value and attests to reliability of certifications, inspections, tests and calibrations, and offers a high level of guarantee on the quality and safety of goods and services. This is an important activity from the perspective of society and the public interest, safeguarding the health of consumers and protecting the environment.

The complete process that results in accreditation is assigned to Accredia, the only national entity designated by the Italian government and monitored by the Ministry of Economic Development, with the task of attesting to the competence, independence and impartiality of the testing laboratories.

Process and product certifications

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