Code of ethics

Code of ethics

The principles of the Cereal Docks Code of Ethics guide the daily actions of all those who work in the company and are an integral part of the company’s style and identity.

Respect, promotion and diffusion of the values and contents of the Code of Ethics are pursued beyond corporate or personal interests that may stand in contrast.

Founding values

  • legality, respect for the law and regulations in the countries where the company operates, for the Code of Ethics and corporate procedures;
  • integrity, transparency and loyalty in relationships with collaborators and all third parties;
  • protection of health and safety in the workplace; protection and promotion of human resources;
  • reciprocal flexibility and availability among the parties;
  • respect and protection of the environment;
  • attention to sustainable development;
  • products safety and quality, particularly in reference to protection of animals and people, the final link in the food chain;
  • responsibility for collectivity; efficiency and commitment to continuous improvement in products, services and customer satisfaction.

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