Cereal Docks partner of Seeds and Chips 2019


The Cereal Docks Group sees innovation as a driver for growth. It therefore seems natural that it should participate as a partner in Seeds and Chips 2019, the Global Food Innovation Summit to be held in Milan from 6th to 9th May.

The event, now on its fifth edition, is the most important international event dedicated to Food Innovation: four days of conferences and meetings on major issues related to food, innovation and major global challenges with many international speakers, investors and policy makers.

Pursuing its mission of being a “link between agriculture and industry close to the final consumer”, Cereal Docks Group brings its commitment to innovation to Milan by presenting one of its evolutions: Demethra Biotech.

On May 8th at 4:00 p.m., DemBiotech CEO Elena Sgaravatti will be on stage at the panel “Changing the Way We Eat: Food Tech Solutions” to tell the public about her idea of innovation and short, tracked and sustainable food supply chain. In other words, the cultivation of plant cells that the green start-up deals with through CROP®, a biotech platform developed by the company’s team, which allows the production of ingredients with quality standards not achievable by traditional cultivation in the field. It is a biotechnological method used to produce secondary metabolites or active ingredients for use in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, zoo technical and life sciences sectors under highly controlled conditions and on an industrial scale.

All this shows the path that the Group is taking in terms of sustainability, diversification and the creation of new products with high added value, in order to interpret the evolution of the market by responding to the new demands of consumers in terms of health and safety, both for humans and for the planet.