Cereal Docks Group

Cereal Docks Group

A business project with a focus on the future

In its 36 years of business, Cereal Docks has gained credibility and a solid reputation thanks to its adherence to deep rooted principles and values, its capacity for renewal over the passage of time, and its commitment to human resources and willingness to invest in the most advanced production systems and technologies in terms of quality, efficiency and sustainability.

A solid industrial structure and R&D

Today, the Cereal Docks Group employs more than 250 people in ten different facilities (the new general headquarters in Camisano Vicentino, six production facilities, one of which is located in Romania, two storage centers and one sales office). The Cereal Docks Group Lab operating a short distance from the facility in Camisano Vicentino was set up in 2018 to supervise controls, quality assurance, and research and development activities, following a significant renovation project on an abandoned facility.

Ready for the future

In addition to consolidation of its core business, the Cereal Docks Group is also committed to new development focused on transforming the concept of diet to that of nutrition. The development of solutions that guarantee the correct balance of nutritional principles in a context defined by quality, safety, standardization and environmental sustainability is central for offering better responses to health and wellness needs.



The group

Cereal Docks Spa

The parent company controlling the facilities in Camisano Vicentino (VI) and Portogruaro (VE). The entire processing cycle for soy, rapeseed, and sunflower seeds to flours, oils and lecithin is carried out in the Camisano Vicentino facility. The production is derived from NON-GMO raw materials and traceable, sustainable production chains.

This is the logistics hub for supplies to Eastern Europe, guaranteeing continuous and efficient provisioning. Founded in 2002, the facility is dedicated exclusively to drying, storing and logistics planning for grains.

Cereal Docks Marghera Srl

Founded in 2011 after the acquisition of the Porto Marghera facility from the multinational company Bunge, this company processes soybeans coming from abroad, transforming them into meals, oils and lecithin.

Nateeo Srl

Founded in 2013, Cereal Docks Food operates in sectors handling standardized plant lecithin, oils, functional blends and high added value  ingredients for the food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, animal feed and industrial fields.

Cereal Docks East Europe Sa

The company handles provisioning of agricultural raw materials in Eastern Europe and offers storage services in the new facility in Ortisoara, Romania.

Cereal Docks International Spa

Founded in 2007, this Cereal Docks Group company develops international trading of agricultural raw materials and their derivatives.

The logistics hub in Fiorenzuola D’Arda (Piacenza) is a point of reference for supplying a strategic area of the Pianura Padana and a distribution point for the main customers in the area.

Grey Silo Ventures

Grey Silo Ventures is the Corporate VC arm of Cereal Docks Group. With an international focus, Grey Silo Ventures invests in innovative food-tech startups that want to be part of the food technology revolution.


Cereal Docks Organic Srl

Founded in 2017, Cereal Docks Organic is dedicated to developing the organic production chains for agricultural raw materials. Since August 1, 2019, Cereal Docks Organic has managed the facility in Roverchiara (Verona), leased through a rental contract with the company branch.

Aethera Biotech Srl

Aethera Biotech, a subsidiary of the Cereal Docks Group, is an innovative, 100% Italian green company, specialized in the research and development of active ingredients from plant crops for use in the personal care, health care, food, veterinarian and crop care sectors.

25.000.000 TM

Products coming from the facilities



1.000 Trains and Ships

for transporting grains


Storage capacity

100.000 MWh

Power produced from renewable energy sources

2.920.500 Kg

Co2 savings

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