To contribute to the reduction of the environmental and social impact that derives from production activity and transport of goods by redefining the logistical management of raw materials and processed products thanks to an integrated and multimodal logistic system. This is, in short, the recipe of Cereal Docks, that was examined by a study carried out by transport economist specialist, prof. Andrea Giuricin.

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The European Commission had already launched the idea when it took office, now the Farm to Fork (F2F) strategy has officially taken off on May 20th in Brussels with the presentation of the document “A Farm to Fork Strategy”.

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The deadline for the submission of applications to participate in the third edition of Progetto Campus will expire the next 31st of July. Progetto Campus is a training project of the Cereal Docks Group that offers an opportunity to develop a high-level scientific study on a research innovative topic of common interest both for the company and for the students.

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Following the Prime Ministerial Decree of 22 March 2020, we are writing to confirm the continuation of production and supplies of products by the companies and plants of the Cereal Docks Group.

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The 2019 edition of the RegioStars Awards confirmed the excellence of the action taken in Porto Marghera (VE), where in recent years a path has been launched to revamp the industrial area while maintaining a smooth balance between territory and production activities.

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The Cereal Docks Group’s commitment to corporate social responsibility is strengthened with a new project. This is the Art Bonus campaign “Mecenati di oggi per l’Italia di domani”, with which the Group supports the creation of art exhibitions in the Basilica Palladiana, a three-year project promoted and organized by the City of Vicenza in collaboration with the Accademia Olimpica, the Palladio Museum and the Fondazione Teatro Comunale.

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Cereal Docks is a partner of the Festival Biblico (mettere il link), a widespread cultural event promoted by the Dioceses of Vicenza and the Società San Paolo, which in 2020 will be celebrating its 16th edition. Collaboration with the Festival Biblico is an occasion for the Cereal Docks Group to reiterate the importance of promoting culture in the territory through the various participants in the Festival, offering not only an articulated and varied cultural experience, but also sincere and constructive dialogue that benefits from new areas for reflection inside and outside of the city, and never before seen, plural points of view. In 2019 the Mantegna Academy hosted one of the Festival Biblico events for the first time in Camisano, with the opening of the Carta Bianca project, art in the company.

The bond between the Cereal Docks Group and the community is also evident through participation in social, cultural, and sports activities in the territory. In particular, the Group believes that the world of youth and sports represents a perfect opportunity for education and personal growth, in addition to physical wellness.

This is why the group is a supporter and official sponsor of various sports activities, with a special focus on Camisano – Santa Maria Calcio soccer club, which today boasts over 350 children and youth participants, including amateurs, as well as volleyball and table tennis, with over 200 kids participating. The group also supports Rugby San Donà and has recently become a sponsor of the youth section at Portogruaro Calcio soccer club.

The partnership between the sports club Rugby San Donà and Cereal Docks Portogruaro has existed since 2014, supporting mini-rugby activities, with over 240 children ages 5 to 12.

Cereal Docks will be emblazoned across the jerseys of the young people playing a fun, educational sport in 2019, built on the values that distinguish the Group, like discipline, the spirit of sacrifice, altruism, respect for teammates, adversaries and rules.

The San Donà rugby club has made these principles the foundation for their activities, especially for the youngest children: all the kids can play, without any exclusions, and there is no “championship”; everyone practices to learn game tactics, but above all to have fun and “grow” together.

The conclusion of the season comes with the spring tournaments, in particular the Torneo Città of Donà di Piave, held on April 14, 2019 at the Pacifici Stadium and other facilities belonging to the Cittadella dello Sport. Participated in the mini-rugby categories of teams, the tournament has been dedicated to the memory of Adriano Pilla for the last 8 years, a historic star of local and national rugby who contributed to the growth and development of the sports movement in this territory for many decades.

The most anticipated event by the company and all the little rugby players is not to be missed, with 24 sports clubs from all over northern and central Italy participating, with a total of 102 teams and 1,500 registered participants made up of players and those accompanying them. A real sports festival, where Cereal Docks Portogruaro is an enthusiastic participant.

Have a great game and a great time!