Branches organics


Grains and seeds are produced using organic methods certified by the EC Reg. CE 834/07 by Cereal Docks Organic, with the objective to construct solid production chains to respond not only to regulatory requirements, but also to the demand for “added qualities”, an intrinsic feature of the idea of organic products. These features include traceability, as well as accuracy in the post-harvesting phase, management of contamination risk and health/safety quality. The experience matured by Cereal Docks is vital from this perspective, in addition to their logistical organization and available structures.

The harvested crops include soft wheat, barley, soy, corn and sunflowers, but the company is planning to expand to other crops through a rotation method, permitting farmers to grow organic the right way, in the field with good overall profitability.

The preferred providers on the agricultural production side are Italian farmers, those with whom we can establish long term collaboration that ensures growth and improvement for both sides. On the demand side, Cereal Docks Organic is a partner to the Italian feeds and foods industries, ready to participate in the organic sector with professionalism and a strong push towards innovation.

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