Branches energy

Vegetable oils for cogeneration

Pure vegetable oils (PVO) include soybean, rapeseed and sunflower oils, produced from oil seeds through extraction, refined but chemically unmodified, derived from national production chains that guarantee tracking along the entire productive cycle of the agricultural products.

Electrical operators with cogeneration plants with < 1 MW electrical power have the right to an incentive called All-Inclusive Rate.

The all-inclusive rate recognizes an incentive rate per kWh of net electrical power produced by the plant and fed into the mains network. The rate is as follows:

  • 0.28 €/kWh for traceable pure vegetable oils (PVO);
  • 0.18 €/kWh for untraceable vegetable oils (liquid bio-fuels).

PVO favors locally produced agricultural resources in accordance to traceability and environmental sustainability criteria (as set forth in European Directive 28/2009 governing renewable energy).

Bioliquid Plus

This consists of vegetable oil from soybeans, rapeseed or sunflower seeds produced by extraction, refined but chemically unmodified, coming from national production chains with certified tracking methods. BIOLIQUID PLUS respects sustainability criteria along the entire production chain.

Quality is guaranteed by strict Cereal Docks Quality Center controls, ensuring respect of specifications of most endothermic motors installed at electrical power plants.

Biomass energy

The reform of the national electrical power system introduced the obligation for electrical power producers and importers to feed “green” energy into the mains network, meaning energy produced by plants fed by renewable energy sources (IAFR).

The facilities in Camisano Vicentino and Portogruaro comply with these requirements thanks to the presence of two electrical power plants generating a total of 100,000 MWh. The plants are fed with vegetable oils produced by the same company: 15% of the electrical power produced is sold as renewable energy, while the remaining 85% is used for internal consumption, rendering the company autonomous from an energy point of view.

Solar power

Cereal Docks has installed solar power systems at its facilities in Camisano Vicentino and Portogruaro, with approximately 5,000 kWp power for production of 5,500,000 kWh of electrical power and approximately 2.920.500 Kg of CO2 savings.

The systems are equipped with a series of technological solutions to optimize energy efficiency and satisfy the company’s energy demand, while any surplus power is fed into the national mains network.

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