The Cereal Docks Group understands the applicative potential of biotechnologies, ranging from life and health sciences to nutrition and agriculture, power production from alternative sources, and enhancement of sub-products in the scope of the circular economy.

This is why the company decided to invest in the creation of Aethera Biotech®, specialized in research and development of active ingredients from controlled in vitro cultures, as applied in the life sciences, food and personal care sectors.

Aethera Biotech®

Thanks to an open innovation approach, Aethera Biotech® operates based on a mission to offer its clientele products with natural origins and highly innovative services. Equipped with cutting edge green technology R&D systems, the company is facing the global challenge with the intent and ambition to contribute to building a better future for humans, the environment and the planet.

The Aethera Biotech® project was considered as a strategically relevant entity by the Ministry of Economic Development, which supported the 100% Italian newco with favorable financing, also with the participation of the Veneto Region.

Aethera Biotech®, based on the know-how of its researchers, has developed CROP® (Controlled Release of Optimized Plants), a proprietary innovative biotech platform, based on in vitro plant cultures.

Using this technology, totally non-GMO and an alternative to traditional cultivation methods, it is possible to obtain the same bioactive substance present in the plant (phyto-complex), reaching the highest quality standards. Oftentimes this method is the only alternative source available for the production of active ingredients that are difficult to find in nature or to produce through chemical synthesis.

At the same time, CROP® guarantees high standardization, complete absence of variations and limited seasonal availability and geographical limits, thanks to a high safety profile, improving eco-sustainability and total respect of biodiversity.

This platform also represents the shortest production chain: from cultivation to the final product all in the same facility, automated and managed through computerized processes based on work instructions, collecting information from the environment and systems, generating production of certified reports according to data integrity paradigms, guaranteeing product quality and precise tracking.

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