Animal feeds

Toasted soybeans

Cereal Docks toasts soybeans in an American designed system, which guarantees production of “full fat” products (in other words, soybeans complete with all fats) destined exclusively for use in the feeds industry.

High protein meals

The process for extracting oil from seeds results in protein meals that are distinguished by the protein and fiber content, and the type of seed they are derived from, into the following categories:

  • Soy protein flour (48% protein content) )
  • Normal flour (43.75% protein content)
  • Sunflower flour (28% protein content)
  • Rapeseed flour (32% protein content)

Raw oils

The mechanical pressing process and extraction method produce raw oils from soybeans, rapeseed and sunflowers.

These products are different in their quality and oil contents characteristics and are processed using the most modern and efficient technologies. Cereal Docks produces raw oils primarily destined for:

  • Animal Feed Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Refining Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry

Livestock lecithin

Thanks to its high phospholipid content, lecithin is a primary ingredient used in many blends for the livestock sector as feed for calves, pigs, poultry and fisheries.

Lecithin helps to make foods more digestible, ensure proper emulsion of fats at an intestinal level, promotes growth and optimizes conversion rates.

Cereal Docks adds more value to the constant quality and safety of the product, thanks to integrated logistics services to guarantee maximum supply chain efficiency.

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