Alimento Italia

ALIMENTO ITALIA®, cultivating the seed of trust

Thanks to our traceable and sustainable supply chains marked by the ALIMENTO ITALIA® brand, we contribute to enhancing Italian agri-food excellence under the sign of quality, transparency, safety, certainty and traceability.

Cereal Docks’ ALIMENTO ITALIA® products are present on many supermarket shelves and give customers the chance to know everything about their origin. ALIMENTO ITALIA® guarantees the genuineness of raw materials or ingredients used and the certainty of their origin from Italian Non-GMO seeds.

By cross-checking the lot number, the verification code or the QR code on the product label, for example ALIMENTO ITALIA® sunflower oil, it is possible to retrace the entire production chain directly from your smart-phone.

A journey that starts from the shelf and reaches the cultivation area: a certified traceability system that reaches the Italian region of origin of the seeds. ALIMENTO ITALIA® is a guarantee for consumers and a way to support the growth of Italian agriculture by enhancing the work of our farmers. (Trad. mancante, testo di Marco)

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