A point of reference in Porto Marghera for 100 years


7:00pm on January 15, 2018. At Cereal Docks Marghera, Ramses II, the most powerful lighting system with a mobile head in the entire world, was turned on for the first time (72,000 Watts) to celebrate 100 years at Porto Marghera.

A beam of light spanning 12,000 meters, pointed towards to sky, the same technology used for the Tribute in Light, the artistic light installation in remembrance of the terrorist attack in New York City on September 11, 2001.

Hosted by the Group at Via Banchina Molini, the initiative is promoted by the Venezia Municipality and is part of a larger artistic light project involving several symbols of the industrial area, including the Eni biorefinery oil tankers, the Bossi bridge and the Marghera water tower.

The lighting ceremony was attended by Luigi Brugnaro, Mayor of Venice and President of the Porto Marghera 100 Year Anniversary Committee, as well as numerous representatives of the City Council, including Prefect Carlo Boffi, President of Confindustria Venezia Vincenzo Marinese, the President of Cereal Docks Mauro Fanin, the Director of the Public Museums Foundation, Gabriella Belli and officials from the armed forces. The music band Tessera was also present.

The installations were curated by the architect Luca Trazzi, and created by Space Cannon SNe, a leading Italian company in the sector that also created the light installations for the Turin Olympic Games in 2006 and the light towers for the Ground Zero ceremonies.

“The future must be decided today, we have to plan it together,” said the Mayor of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro, “this area must represent a new chapter for economic recovery around the world.” “It is an honor to be a part of this initiative,” said Mauro Fanin, the President of Cereal Docks Spa, “the rebirth of Marghera is also connected to the commitments made by businesses like Cereal Docks. After acquiring the facility in 2011 (destined for abandonment) from the American multinational Bunge, our Group implemented an investment plan of over 60 million euros to revamp the plant, expand its technological equipping and construct a new port for cargo ships.”

“We build our business based on our ability to tune out controversies,” declared the President of Confindustria, Vincenzo Marinese, “we must attract investments for future generations. Veneto has become a unique logistics area in Europe. To those who say no, we say yes.” “Light is a regenerating element,” said the Director of the Public Museums Foundation, Gabriella Belli, “contemporary light is the child of technology.”

A poem by the laborer/poet Ferruccio Brugnaro, the father of the Mayor, was also projected onto the Cereal Docks silo for the event: “Strong arm, luminous, that explores the highest part of the sky, bringing with it the beauty of the stars to the dark of the Earth.”
The Mayor of Venice thanked all those people who participated in the realization of the installations, which were very complex from a technological standpoint, and the companies that hosted the event, in particular Eni, the sole partner for the Hundred Year Anniversary, Veritas and Cereal Docks, Muve Foundation and Space Cannon Sne.